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New Service

We are now extending our services to offer deliveries for the following:

·      Shopping

·      Pet Supplies

·      Pharmaceuticals

·      Prescriptions

·      Documents

·      Small equipment e.g. printers

·      and more - just ask and we will tell you if we can deliver it for you

Please call 888 888 for details, information, bookings, or enquires.


See how to make a booking; please click here.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update
Yellow Cabs remains open and operating.


We are following the guidelines as laid down by DVS (Driver & Vehicle Standards) and the Jersey Government.


We are working with permission of the Government in delivering the following:

  • Transfer of Hospital staff

  • Pharmaceuticals (Prescriptions) collections and deliveries

  • Doctor Surgeries

  • Care Homes

  • 24 hour service to the General Hospital

Please call 888 888 for any further information or enquiries.

We will continue running these safe services for as long as required.


Stay safe and follow the Government guidelines.

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